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OpexWire by GREENNET

From small teams to large corporations, our subscription-based service handles all your network needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business. No need to invest in equipment, hire expensive IT staff, or worry about 24/7 support. With OpexWire, gain a comprehensive approach to building your network and security infrastructure based on industry-leading solutions by Cisco. 

Empowering Your Business with OpexWire

In today’s fast-paced world, a reliable network partner is essential. OpexWire offers a revolutionary subscription service that simplifies your IT operations and cuts costs by up to 30%. We provide customized networking, security, and data infrastructure solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


We Want To:

Simplify IT Spending: Move from large capital investments to a predictable, subscription-based model.

Enable Business Focus: Let your team concentrate on core activities while we manage your IT infrastructure.

Stay Ahead: Keep your business at the forefront of technology without extra investment.


OpexWire is more than a service provider—we’re your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of the digital transformation. Simplify your infrastructure, boost efficiency, decrease risks, and stay competitive with OpexWire.

OpexWire Advantages


Flexibility and Scalability

Our subscription model allows your business to quickly adapt to market changes and scale infrastructure needs without significant capital investment. This means you can easily expand or reduce service volumes based on your current business needs, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Cost Optimization

With our model, you only pay for what you use, significantly reducing both initial and operational expenses. Save on the costs of acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading equipment, as well as expenses related to hiring and training specialized personnel.


Focus on Core Business Tasks

By outsourcing infrastructure services to OpexWire, your team can focus on core tasks and strategic development. We ensure continuous operation and high availability of your network, allowing you to improve business processes and increase profits without the stress and interruptions of managing IT infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Depending on the subscription level, our customers receive the following range of services:

Secure Internet Access

Your connection to the external world is securely protected with Cisco FirePower firewall. We configure it to meet your industry’s security requirements and best practices recommended by cybersecurity experts.

Wireless Network

We ensure comprehensive wireless coverage for your office. Our solutions include secure user authentication and a guest portal for temporary connections, all configured to the highest security standards.

Campus Network

We provide switches to connect your users and office equipment. We ensure their setup and monitoring according to global best practices for optimal performance and security.

Network Operations Center 24/7

Your infrastructure is supported by our team of specialists around the clock. Our engineers provide proactive monitoring and timely updates, solving any issues and updating configurations to address new threats and manufacturer recommendations.

Our Customers

Logo of a Company that works with us
Logo of a Company that works with us
Logo of a Company that works with us

Start in Four Simple Steps

STEP 1: Consultation

We provide free expert consultation to pinpoint your needs and recommend the right services.

STEP 2: Design

We develop a custom network design, focusing on architecture and security for seamless operations.

STEP 3: Deployment

We sign a service agreement and then deploy tailored solutions based on your business and operational needs.

STEP 4: Operating

We onboard your network to our management and security operation centers. 

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