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OpexWire is an innovative Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution developed by the GREENNET team. Recognizing the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses in managing their network infrastructure, we created OpexWire to provide reliable, scalable, and secure network services without the need for significant capital investment.

Who We Are

We are GREENNET complex IT & telecom systems integrator operating in Central and Eastern Europe.


Founded in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1998 surely focused on systems integration for service providers, we have expanded our activities to government and enterprise customers in more than dozen countries, solving business problems with extended portfolio of products and solutions. Despite our exponential growth with new markets, technologies, industries, and verticals we stay true to our slogan

We do IT better. Much better!





Cisco Gold Partner


Best Cisco Service Provider Partner in CES


Cisco Service Provider Excellence Partner of the Year (EMEAR Central Theater)


Cisco Service Provider Parnter of the Year (EMEAR Central & Eastern Region)


Opening office in Poland and UAE

We believe that there are three pillars for any successful project: deep understanding of customer’s business, team of inhouse experts and technologically advanced partners.


Each and every customer is unique: even if they operate in the same industry and the same region, they still have unique business approach, technological heritage, staff talent, resources, market positioning and roadmaps. Deep understanding of business needs and technical capabilities of the customer is important to exclude one-fits all solution approach. We presume every project as exclusive opportunity to develop and deploy customer-oriented architecture keeping in mind industry best practices, technological trends, and years of hands-on experience of our experts.



For many years high level of expertise is a visit card of GREENNET. We spent 1M+ USD on lab equipment and trainings for our engineers, sales, and support teams. We are proud by our incredibly talented staff, top guns of telecommunication engineering field.

Eleven Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts


To become true expert, certification and trainings should go hand-by hand with many years of hand-on experience, talent, passion, and ability to concentrate on challenging tasks. On top of that we believe that maturity and tacit knowledge are key enablers for efficient teams. Mature teams have established routines embedded in team cultures that improve efficiency of the whole team and every team member. Teams of experts challenged by complex problems are the perfect incubators of tacit knowledge. Without effective teams generating tacit information for future organizational learning, organizations struggle to distinguish themselves in a positive manner from their competitors.



Vendor partners equipped with the right set of technologies and solutions are important part of GREENNET’s market strategy. We believe that deep understanding of partner’s products, solutions, roadmaps, market strategy, logistics and financing capabilities is the key enabler for successful deployment of any project. Organizations needs years of business partnership to achieve mentioned above level of integration, this is the reason of quite a short list of our partners. On the other hand, this is the reason beyond GREENNET’s numerous successful projects and awards such as Cisco Service Provider Partner of the Year EMEAR Central Theater.

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